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Facebook For Small Businesses: Take A Second Look?

In May of 2011, comScore announced that 1/3 of all U.S. advertisements (in the first quarter) were housed on Facebook.  That means, in raw numbers, of the 1.1 trillion ads generated in America, 346 million were seen on Facebook. This overwhelming statistic caused many small businesses to move away away from Facebook and to utilize other social media outlets for their marketing.

Until yesterday, use of Facebook Ads, despite their precise geographic location, could only be narrowed down to city or state.  Now, according to Mashable, Facebook has introduced zip code targeting. With this new targeting advancement small  businesses might want to rethink their use of Facebook in their overall marketing plan.


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One comment on “Facebook For Small Businesses: Take A Second Look?

  1. nettedthoughts
    August 20, 2011

    Interesting that Facebook Ads are evolving. I think they are a great product, but they have the potential to be even better:

    I would love to hear your expert comments on my ideas! Best


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