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Lesson of the Week: The Importance of Customer Service

Dominos: In 2009, two Domino’s employees in North Carolina created a YouTube video that shocked the nation. The employees filmed each other doing inappropriate things with customer’s food in the kitchen. The video went viral and the public demanded action. The two employees were not only fired but charged with distribution of prohibited foods. The Domino’s in question was then shut down by the Health Department for sanitation issues. Domino’s went public with an apology and stated “Anyone with a camera and an internet link…cause a lot of damage.”

Now two years later, Domino’s is back in the public eye and this time benefiting from social media. The company was receiving negative feedback about their pizza and decided to create a new campaign called “Pizza Turnaround.”  The campaign includes television advertisements, the Domino’s Tracker, and a 4,630 square foot billboard in Times Square. This campaign is such a great idea for a company that was so badly burned by social media. The purpose of the campaign is to completely reinvent their pizza to the consumer. The greatest feature is the Tracker that allows you to follow your pizza while it’s being made. You even know the name of who’s cooking it. And they’ll tweet you information about it. Those tweets end up on the Times Square billboard and are only filtered for language! Domino’s is doing great things.  I still don’t eat their pizza, but hey I might try it now!

Wawa: A dear friend of mine was coming home late one night and wanted nothing more to than indulge at his neighborhood Wawa. To his dismay, it was closed. Sadden by his misfortune, my friend began to write Wawa an email regarding his dissatisfaction. Within minutes he received a response. Not a generic, automated response. But a real customer service representative named Nick. Nick replied back to my friend at 2:50 AM with his sincere apologizes and an explanation for why they were closed.

“Thank you for contacting Wawa Customer Relations with your concern. I would like to offer my sincere apologies that you experienced such a negative situation in one of our stores. Please let me assure you that I did communicate your e-mail to the General Manager Jason at the store. Unfortunately some of our stores close for bar/clubs rushes for the safety of our customers and associates…”

My friend replied back with his appreciation for their response and hopes they “find a happy medium between bar rushes and the day-to-day customer.” The next day he received a phone call from the General Manager apologizing once again. It may seem like a lot of trouble to go through for one customer’s happiness but their quick response and transparency kept my friend as a customer.


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2 comments on “Lesson of the Week: The Importance of Customer Service

  1. Todd Vendituoli (@TALV58)
    August 19, 2011

    Excellent article and even more true today where everyone is always connected!

    • theludlowgroup
      August 19, 2011

      Thank you! And yes, social media especially has allowed information to be distributed almost instantaneously

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