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The Dangers of Social Media

On Friday a group known as “Script Kiddies” hacked into NBC’s Twitter account. They wrote several posts telling NBC News’ 100,000+ followers that there had been an attack on Ground Zero. NBC quickly shut down their Twitter and worked to discover how the incident happened. Only three NBC employees had access to the password. Ryan Osborn, their director of social media, reported that he had opened a suspicious email days before that is now speculated to be the cause of the leaked password.

The same group is said to be responsible for hacking into Fox News’ Twitter account in July. On which, they claimed President Obama had been shot and killed at a restaurant in Iowa. They went as far as to wish Joe Biden luck as the new President of the United States. These tweets were sent to Fox News’ nearly 1 million followers.

When incidents like these occur, especially to such large companies, it becomes more apparent why brands fear social media. No matter how quickly you attempt to contain a situation like this, the information is instanteously shared. In both cases, the original sources have deleted the infamous tweets, but they are still available regardless.


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  1. frizztext
    September 13, 2011

    interesting …

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