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Social Media Use In Mass Awareness Campaigns: EXAMPLE

Back in August we featured a post on how advertising can inspire change by serving as a catalyst for mass awareness campaigns.  In that post we didn’t focus on another major aspect of campaigning, social media. Yesterday was the last day of Mashable’s Social Good Summit. If you’re unaware, the SGS joins together world leader’s to discuss how technology can be used to used to solve global issues. Featured at the conference was an organization called Nothing But Nets.

Nothing But Nets is a grassroots campaign that seeks to bring global awareness to the ever-growing Malaria epidemic in Africa. The campaign has several celebrity ambassadors including Mandy Moore and Derrick Ashong. The goal of the campaign is to show the world that Malaria, the number one cause of deaths in Cameroon, is a completely preventable disease. Unfortunately, the medicine is quite expensive and those living in Africa on less than $1 a day simply can’t afford it. For $10, Nothing But Nets distributes insecticide netting to families in Africa to sleep under to protect them from infected mosquitoes.

The campaign has already distributed over 4,000,000 nets. They have 14,000 Facebook followers, 11,000 on Twitter and over 117,000 YouTube views. During the Social Good Summit they discussed how social media can be used as a tool to inform young people and get them involved. With a tool like social media, the conversation about Malaria will never stop.


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