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Android Versus Apple Advertising

I recently read an article on about Android versus Apple advertising and it pretty much said this: Android and Apple iOS are the leading operating systems used in consumer mobile products. The products they are featured in are as different as their advertising strategies. Apple has incredible advertising, which is said to be so successful due to its ability to adhere to the average consumer. Every Apple commercial shows us what the product in question can do to enrich our daily lives. They adhere to our emotions with music and a compelling commentary. On the other hand, Android takes less interest in showing you the product itself but instead focuses on the software inside. Lets face it, Android is for techies. Yet, there is one notable Android campaign that appeals to the average consumer i.e. LG with the Android Hyper Facade in Berlin. Watch this and you’ll agree Android gets a “doing it right” from Ludlow!


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One comment on “Android Versus Apple Advertising

  1. Cody
    October 19, 2011

    There’s no doubt about it, Apple’s a smart advertiser. I think that a lot of consumers choose the Apple because of its trendy appeal.

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