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The Ultimaker is a 3D printing device that, since May 2011, is available to the public. The creators’ vision is to enable the average consumer to become more than a “passive recipient of paid end-products.” They believe the future of 3D printing is to end our dependence on mass-produced consumer items by simply creating them ourselves. The Ultimaker is shipped to you for a modest fee and, like Ikea furniture, the assembly is your burden. Using the provided computer software (or by creating your own) you virtually tell the printer what image you want rendered into tangible three-dimensional matter. It is nothing short of incredible.

The Ultimaker 3D Printing Device 1

The Ultimaker 3D Printing Device 2

Some creative programmers at the Metalab Viennatweaked the original Ultimaker with new software to create an impressive new version of the machine

Check out their blog for more information regarding the production of the machines. It just makes you wonder, why aren’t more people excited about this?!


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