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Sustainable Architecture Feature by AnL Studio: ‘Oceanscope’ Project

The AnL Studio project “Oceanscope” is an incredible structure that resides in Incheon City, South Korea. It is a fantastic example of green architecture. It was built in 2010 using recycled materials including five old shipping containers. Often these containers are used as a temporary residence for the poor in rural Incheon. Unfortunately, their use often lacks the harmonious nature of sustainable architecture when it is seen as an extension of the surrounding environment. With that in mind, AnL Studio and the Major of Incheon City created this project to showcase the practical re-use of these containers.  Portions of the structure itself are aimed upwards to create an observatory deck where the sunset can be viewed.

“AnL Studio envisioned an architectural and sculptural landmark embodying various features and function ranging from architectual framing/capturing view and aesthetics associated with the site and the vision of the Incehon City, which is flying. To this end, the OceanScope, located in the historic sunset place of Incheon city, expresses the dream of establishing an observatory deck purposed on sustainable design by renovating the least expensive unused containers.”

Type : Red Dot Design Winner 2010
Date  :  January 2010
Location : Incheon, Korea
Use : Architectural Sculpture/Observatory
Site Area : 350sqm
Building Area : 91sqm
Gross Floor Area : 91sqm
Information and photos courtesy of © AnL Studio

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4 comments on “Sustainable Architecture Feature by AnL Studio: ‘Oceanscope’ Project

  1. BiltBlog
    November 28, 2011

    It’s always nice when designers introduce new program typologies along with materials and methods. Thanks for posting, this is great stuff.

    • theludlowgroup
      November 28, 2011

      I agree. I found this piece very intriguing, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it Michael!

  2. basquehost
    December 1, 2011

    Interesting design. I may suggest also having a look to this: It slightly resembles this design specially as it is also entering into the water.

    • theludlowgroup
      December 2, 2011

      You’re right, they do look similar. Both wonderful designs, thanks so much for sharing!

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