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The Toyota ‘Fun Vii’ the World’s First Smartphone Car

The President of Toyota Motor Corporation, Akio Toyoda, recently unveiled their newest concept car…the Fun-Vii (Vehicle Interactive Internet.) The car resembles a giant smartphone that allows the driver to interact with it as such. It features a touch-panel door, which makes it the most customizable car to date. There are no definitive plans for its production. Instead, the concept car is seen as a shining example of where we are headed in the world of technology. This futuristic idea is what Toyoda considers a fantastic remedy for the country.

“I felt as though my heart was going to break,” Toyoda said of the turmoil after the March disaster. “It is precisely because we are in such times we must move forward with our dreams.”

Of course this is not the first futuristic and fantastic idea created in the automotive industry. Cars can communicate with you, and sometimes for you, in what once would have been considered unimaginable ways.

Story courtesy of ABC News
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