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Puma Branches Further Into The World Of Design With ‘Puma City’

Puma is known for being a leader in the athletic shoe and sportswear industry. Their mixture of ‘fun & fashion’ is apparent with every new design. In 2008 Puma branched even further into the world of design with the help of LOT-EK to produce, what they called, “Puma City.” It’s not much of a city but more of a mobile retail store made from 24 shipping containers. The transportable building traveled around the world with Puma’s sailboat during the 2008 Volvo Ocean Race. What’s so great about this structure is that it traveled on a cargo boat and was disassembled and reassembled at each harbor around the globe.

“Puma City is a truly experimental building that takes advantage of the global shipping network already in place…designed to respond to all the architectural challenges…including international building code, dramatic climate changes, plug-in electrical and HVAC systems and ease of assembly and operations.”

Story and photos courtesy of Step Brightly & LOT-EK

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2 comments on “Puma Branches Further Into The World Of Design With ‘Puma City’

  1. Futures Plus
    December 2, 2011

    Checked this project out when it was in Boston at the Fan Pier and it was amazing!

    • theludlowgroup
      December 2, 2011

      How cool! I’m jealous, I would love to check out all the places I post about. Someday maybe

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