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Interactive Advertising: ASOS Takes Their ‘Urban Tour’ To Major Cities Around The Globe

ASOS is a clothing company out of the UK that sells online to countries around the world. They started a campaign known as their “Urban Tour” with the idea of taking their clothing to ‘the streets.’ The Urban Tour website allows you to meet groups of young people in London, Paris, Berlin, Toyko, Los Angeles, New York & Shangai. Each city has a different underground or urban scene that ranges from music to skating to breakdancing. The website itself is set up sort of like Google Earth so when each city is clicked you get a bird’s eye view of the globe while you reach your destination. In each city you get the opportunity to watch a short video and view clothing “as seen on the streets” of the particular city you clicked on. Now all of that is incredibly cool but the most facinating aspect of this website is it’s interactive advertisement for the city of London.

In London, the video follows a small group of breakdancers. Focusing primarily on two, Baby Bang and Lil Buck, you have the opportunity to watch them dance and then click on them to purchase the ASOS outfits they’re wearing. In fact when each dancer is clicked, he stops dancing and starts modeling the clothes. This ad is just so fantastic and true to its tag line by literally taking their clothing line to the streets of major cities around the world.

The non-interactive YouTube version of the ad is below, but check out the ASOS Urban Tour website to see the interactive ad.


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