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JWT’s Print Ads for the Campaign Against Drinking & Driving (CADD) UK “Christmas Is Just Around The Corner”

JWT London created a series of print advertisements for CADD (Campaign Against Drinking & Driving) UK this year. The campaign has stirred controversy. Although people agree with the message, some believed it to be forced. The advertisements used the upcoming holiday to promote the slogan, “Christmas is just around the corner, don’t drink and drive.” People have commented that the ad seems too narrow in its message, as it only addresses the holiday season.

Yet, the purpose of the ads is to address the fact that the drinking and driving issue is exacerbated around the holidays. The series of ads are extremely visually appealing. Each has a dramatic sense of darkness and solitude that you would associate with such an issue. What do you think of the ads? Do you think they are effective in their message?


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One comment on “JWT’s Print Ads for the Campaign Against Drinking & Driving (CADD) UK “Christmas Is Just Around The Corner”

  1. Futures Plus
    December 30, 2011

    Think the add is extremely effective, as most would think just a “few” drinks with the family makes it safe to drive home from your holiday festivities. Gets the point across and addresses the present.

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