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Innovation In Advertising: Leo Burnett’s Ad “My Secrets Cosmetics”

Leo Burnett is a global advertising agency that has created some truly fantastic ads. Each of their ads embodies the ever evolving nature of consumers and human beings in general. They do a mixture of print, commercial, ambient and interactive advertisements around the world. They are commissioned by tons of organizations including the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and the World Wildlife Fund.

“My Secrets Cosmetics” was a campaign launched out the Netherlands in 2010 to bring awareness to their amplified problem of domestic violence. Commissioned by the Netherlands government, Leo Burnett sought to address this issue with a unique approach.

The fake brand, “My Secrets Cosmetics,” sold an array of products made specifically for women who have been abused. Editorials of the brand and their merchandise were featured on the Netherlands’ most popular fashion and beauty blogs that all linked back to the “My Secrets Cosmetics” website.

The website was designed to house an exclusive video with it’s founder and sold an array of merchandise for removing dried blood, covering bruises, and repairing cuts.

When the items were clicked for purchase a screen appeared with the tagline, “Covering up domestic violence is not the solution.” The campaign went viral as it was circulated beyond the Internet to major television news sources.

More Leo Burnett ads:




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