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An Important Lesson for the B2B Marketer

Outbound/Traditional Marketing Is Not Dead

With all the information out there it’s easy to get bogged down in all the excitement of today’s marketing amenities. We all agree that the web has taken our businesses, and us, to new heights. Despite it’s more recent reputation as “interruption” based marketing, traditional forms of media are just as important. While most (people, organizations and companies) are converting to inbound marketing techniques, others are not. And it is those who are less “internet savvy” that will continue to demand our attention via different avenues. You know the saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket? Well that is the essence of marketing today. While creating an Internet identity is important for an online marketing strategy, outbound marketing techniques (print/tv/radio advertising, telemarketing, direct mail, trade shows, etc.) are also important.  It is the mixture of the two, old and new, that makes a company truly successful in the B2B market. There are always audience “blind spots” or people that you won’t reach via the web.

Google, as we all know, is an internet powerhouse. But what you may not know is that Google started writing print advertisements in national newspapers in Canada and the UK in hopes of informing small business owners of AdWorks. Not only did they create this ad campaign, which is obviously more expensive than online campaigning, but they also offered a $100 incentive program to the first 100 million businesses that joined. You may be asking yourself why Google would go to all this trouble, even using the newspaper which some call the “endangered species” of advertising. The answer is, sometimes you have to take a step back and revert to older forms of advertising to reach an audience that will probably not come around to finding you, or AdWorks in this example, on their own. The best marketing strategy for a company is to not only use online resources but offline ones as well.

Mobile Marketing

In addition, and as part of your marketing strategy, is the growing importance of mobile marketing. If anything were to be considered a norm in our society today its cell phones. Especially in the B2B marketplace, smartphones are the often the preferred avenue for researching products and services. The importance of a mobile website is as is clear as this…if people cannot access your information in a way that is convenient to them, they will search for alternatives. My suggestion would be to use Google Analytics, or an alternative of your choice, and research how people are accessing your website.

As marketers, we need to take a step back and realize that we are not at the point yet when we can solely rely on one form of media.

via socialmediab2b & kuhnbranding
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