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The Ads We Wish Had Made It To the Super Bowl’s Top Ten Greatest Commercials of 2012, And Those We Are Glad Didn’t

In 2011, the Super Bowl had the largest television audience for a single broadcast in U.S. history. If you’re not watching for the football, you’re watching for the half-time show. If not the half-time show, you’re watching for the commercials. Super Bowl commercials are some of funniest to ever air on American television. Yet there are a few brands, ten to be specific, who have won our hearts and are now competing for the Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials of 2012. Budlight, Budweiser,, Coke, Doritos, ETRADE, FedEx, GoDaddy, Pepsi and Victoria’s Secret represent America’s top brands for commercial advertising. In the midst of all this greatness, lets view a few adverts we think should have made the cut and those we are all glad didn’t.


Volkswagen– The Force

Volkswagen has some truly remarkable advertising. From print ads to commercials, they have brought innovation to the world of advertising. “The Force” quickly became everyone’s favorite ad of 2011


Snickers– Betty White

Snickers 2010 Super Bowl commercial featuring everyone’s favorite Golden Girl, Betty White, was a hilarious addition to a series of commercials promoting the idea that, “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.”


Allstate: Mayhem

The Allstate Mayhem commercials are all pretty funny. Dean Winters, aka Mayhem, plays a ton of menacing characters from a raccoon to a problematic GPS. The commercials leave us wondering, “Are we in good hands?”



Old Navy– Super C-U-T-E

Old Navy’s commercials are consistently awful, so it wasn’t hard picking one to speak for them all. I was surprised that this video had over 2 million views on YouTube, but then I realized Kim Kardashian is suing the brand for using a model that too closely resembled her. Mystery solved.


Arby’s– Good Mood Food

Arby’s sing-along commercials feature a man who clearly can’t sing, singing, with a bunch of other people who also can’t sing, singing. The combination makes for a must-mute commercial.


FIAT– JLO Music Video

FIAT has a few funny commercials (i.e. Abarth-Seduction), but when the brand teamed up with Jennifer Lopez  to promote her music video it came out pretty cheesy.


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