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Innovation in Direct Mail Advertising

DIRECT MAIL is arguably one of the hardest means of advertising today. As the easiest medium to ignore, it requires an enormous amount of creativity. With the shift to inbound strategies, companies are finding more easily measured forms of marketing. Many marketers would argue that it is difficult to adequately measure the amount of leads generated from direct mail tactics.

Yet in a study done by Epsilon, a marketing services firm, that surveyed over 2,000 U.S. consumers in 2011, “…one third of applicants surveyed believe direct mail to be more trust-worthy than email…and…60 percent have an ’emotional connection’ to direct mail.” As discussed in a previous post, there are still ‘blind spots’ in today’s marketing. There are select individuals who are not yet, and may not ever be, Internet savvy. Direct mail is a great way to reach that audience.

Still, human beings are constantly inundated with information, therefore the need for innovation in advertising will continue to grow.


Title:"One Daily Drop Living Calendar"
“Thinking we can save the planet is an idea that circles around our minds everyday…if we could just contribute with something small, something not very demanding, that doesn’t force us to change the rhythm of our lives…by just moving a finger for 3 seconds, we give water to a plant…if we repeat this small act everyday it becomes an act that helps our planet.”


Title: "Stories Pills"
Agency: Z+ Comunicação
“Studies show that, when it comes to healing, happiness can be as important as medicine…Viva e Deixe Viver is a non-governmental organization with voluntary storytellers who visit hospitals to cheer up sick children…sometimes a story can help as much as medicine…the concept “Medicine cures, Stories help”…created boxes just like medicine boxes and inside of them we put fairy tales…the instructions…the pills should be consumed one after the other, just like medicine.”


Title: "The Wedding Proposal"
“Members of the Mömax furniture store bonus club…where a man and a women lived together under the same address but with different last names…the most likely for the new service feature: your personal wedding list on the Mömax homepage…customers received a jewelry box…when they opened it, they first saw a golden engagement ring. But when they tried to take it out, they realized, that the ring was actually attached to the handle of a coffee mug…printed on it was the message informing them about the  Mömax wedding list.” +
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