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Simpler Times: Have We Really Progressed?

As we get older we all harken back to those days when things were much simpler. Well were they? If memory serves me right the only difference was that choices were limited and I was younger. We conjure up in our minds that things were better and less stressful. Seems to me we were still struggling whatever time of life we were in. We hold this belief that products and services were less complicated and therefore easy to use but now we strive through all the wonders of modern technology to achieve exactly the same thing. Strange, have we really progressed or do we just make it appear that way through superficial means.

We mostly now all carry smartphones or some like device. We start our day looking at a screen of some sort getting up to date with what we missed while we were sleeping. Spending most of awake time searching for ways to keep ourselves up to date and communicating with others. More and more in our business-life Social Media is becoming a key tool in our communication development. More and more companies are embracing this new medium.

The reason for my lament is what really is Social Media? Is it really a new form of communication or is it really just the old one wrapped up in new packaging. After all we are human and humans communicate with each other by very simple means, a handshake, a bow or a pump. We want to part of a group, we need to connect with each other. We want to know what our friends think and do. We want to hangout with each other. We want to see each other. Technology has now even brought us Facetime, video conferencing, video telephone. We feel more comfortable seeing each other, funny.

And the end of the day, all this technology and communication has circled around to the ultimate, a face-to-face meeting. Wow, we really are very simply, just old-fashioned human beings needing to reach out and touch.

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