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Cardboard Fashion Photography Designed by Christian Tagliavini

Christian Tagliavini is a graphic designer and photographer of a different caliber. Of Swiss/Italian hertiage, Taglavini is a captivating artist who with a simple medium, created some comical and utterly fantastic masterpieces.

The “Dame di Cartone” is a collection of photographs in which models are featured in fashionable cardboard clothes. Constructed by Taglavini himself, the cutouts take you on a journey through the evolution of fashion. Featuring fashion trends from the 17th century to the 1950s, every element of the clothing is made entirely out of cardboard. Their exaggerated styles make for some exceptionally amusing photographs.




story via dailymail, photos via © christian tagliavini

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One comment on “Cardboard Fashion Photography Designed by Christian Tagliavini

  1. raffaeljay
    February 7, 2012


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