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The Kids Were Right: How Social Media Will Influence Our Interface

E-TRADE Baby 1

Current media vehicles can only achieve a limited interface with our target audience. Our reach and frequency is largely determined by the budget and our ability to maximize our buying matrix.  At the end of the day we are limited.

I believe Social Media will change all of that. Social Media does not limit our interface but rather gives us that one on one conversation on a daily, or even hourly basis. Right now we are in the days of early adoption within our B2B market where everyone wants to participate but doesn’t quite understand it. It reminds me of the early days of the Internet when we all struggled to get web real estate and establish a web presence with every piece of uploadable literature we could get our hands on. I remember looking at company websites that contained financial and strategic directional information that they would have normally view as far too sensitive to put into print.

It is the same way with the emergence of Social Media. In these early days of adoption, just like any other new product, involvement is sporadic and limited. The B2C market has certainly embraced it and is using it creatively but it is still a struggle for some companies in the B2B market. The market has clearly embraced technology and continues to push the envelope with new devices and software enhancements. But for some reason they are slower to establish a clear direction with Social Media. I can only guess that it is generational. This whole thing really came from and through our kids. Can we really base our business decisions on what kids think unless we are selling a youth orientated product. Why not?

E-TRADE Baby 2Let’s be honest when you need to figure out how to set your new phone, preset your car stereo or even setup your TV. Who do you call, your kid right, the younger the better! So why can’t we step back and take a lesson from the kids.

Social Media is here to stay. Like anything else it will evolve but if you look at it in real terms it makes sense. Lets embrace it and use it strategically to build that the product image that we are always striving for. Don’t just use the tools tactically but rather use them to enhance your existing marketing strategy. Use them to penetrate where current tools have to fight through an extremely cluttered environment. If you view Social Media as yet another PR vehicle you will be disappointed in the long term. Embrace it and make it work for you.

images via E-Trade

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