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Print Ads: Words & Visuals

Despite the rise of television commercials, ambient advertising, and interactive web elements, print ads will forever hold a place in our hearts. To us, there will always be something so captivating about a well-done print ad. You could even consider them a sort-of instant gratification – no minute long storyline and no clicking through a website. At most, all you have to do is look at an image or read a few lines.

Additionally, print ads are a great medium to highlight that perfect visual or clever headline. Whether you’re a picture person or a word person, print ads have you covered. As for us, we love them both.

Visual based ads are a great way to get your audience involved. Instead of spoon-feeding them the idea, the images get the viewers minds moving, putting together the pieces and coming up with the message. A well done visual ad can be like a puzzle, and often leaves you with that satisfying “Ooooh, I get it!” feeling.




Utah Department of Highway Safety

Copy-based ads are equally as effective. Sometimes a clever line accompanies an image, while other times the writing may simply stand on its own. Good copywriting should provoke thought and emotion. A well written ad can make you feel happy and amused, sad and empathetic, or maybe even influence you to think or act a certain way. We’re social beings, and reading a word-based ad almost feels like a conversation – what is being said? What is your response?




Carlton Draught


 all images courtesy of © ads of the world

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