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Episode One of Passing On The Info From IMS 2012: The 7 Rules for Content Marketing

One of the most crucial aspects of marketing today is the production of remarkable content. What I mean by remarkable, is content worth remarking on. At the Inbound Marketing Summit in New York City this week, Allen Bonde of the Pulse Network spoke of the “Seven Rules for Content Marketing.” I found that the information given in his presentation is so valuable that I need to share it.

The marketer today faces two new challenges; both revolve around the evolution of the ‘new customer.’ Today’s customer is throw massive amounts of content on a daily basis. Harder to influence, the ‘new customer‘ must be fed relevant content to fit their specific interests and needs. As they no longer fit into traditional marketing categories, others often influence them on a broader scale.

Inbound Marketing Summit 2012

The seven rules that Allen Bonde discusses are really ways to make your content more attractive, relevant and sharable.

Rule 1: TEACH– by making your content educational. One of the most important lessons I learned at IMS 2012 was to product content someone would pay for (via Laura Fitton). With the oversaturation of ‘stuff’ online, it becomes increasing important to stand out by making useful content. Similar to this post, think segmentation

Rule 2: TAP EXPERTS- by using thought leaders in your industry. Allow your community to become contributors in producing your content. Allen Bonde is a great example of an expert in content marketing and by utilizing his knowledge I can share valuable information.

Rule 3: TOTALLY EASY– by including social sharing options. Make your content easy to share, to subscribe to, and to engage with. It defeats the purpose of producing valuable online content, if you give people no options to share it. What separates inbound marketing from traditional techniques is the ability for human interaction to be derived from and around a piece of content.

Rule 4: TRANSLATE– by repurposing every piece of content you produce

Rule 5: TAKE AWAY– by having a clear message for what your content hopes to achieve, and then a call-to-action for what’s next.

Rule 6: TRACK– by analyzing how readers consume and share your content. By tracking this data you can discover which channels are effective and where you can improve.

Rule 7: THINK TRANSMEDIA– by bridging the online and offline experience. Further develop your content across multiple platforms by creating a unique experience in each channel. Producing identical content across every social outlet is consider spamming. Instead, try reworking and trailoring the content to fit the different audiences.

Especially in the social sphere today, every person has the ability to generate remarkable content that has the potential to be seen by millions by people. Although that doesn’t happen for everyone, it’s important to write content worth remarking on.

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