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Oil Paintings Created Using Empirical Data

Prism, a West Hollywood art gallery, housed an intriguing exhibition in December of 2010. Known as, “Over Time,” the exhibit featured the work of Jonathan Zawada, focusing on his series of landscapes derived from graphical data. The displayed set of oil paintings was created from empirical data collected by Zawada over time. 

Prism Gallery, "Over Time" Photo by Joshua White

For instance, his piece “Marijuana Use Versus Music Sales Over Time,” was created using measurements of marijuana usage among year 12 students versus CD and Vinyl record sales between 1975 and 2000. Although the exact metrics of his data are not specified, his work serves as an artistic expression of experimental data.

Marijuana Use Versus Music Sales Over Time by Jonathan Zawada

Using three-dimensional software, Zawada was able to manipulate the data to create a virtual abstraction seen in the mountain-like topographies. The complication of each piece is apparent only when the methodology is revealed. Otherwise, each painting has a seemingly familiar tone of landscape design with a unique cumulation of color.

"AA Flight 77 Altitude Over Time" by Jonathan Zawada

"A Comparison of Light Absorbtion or Why Our Planet is Green" by Jonathan Zawada

"More Money Less Problems" by Jonathan Zawada

"Real World and Virtual Populations Over Time" by Jonathan Zawada

information courtesy of © Prism Art Gallery

images courtesy of © Jonathan Zawada


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