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One-Click Joy, Photography Of The Late Jamie Livingston

There’s just something fantastic about photographs. I’ve been taking them and keeping them since I was a kid. Friends are annoyed with the things I may have captured from the “night before,” but I’m sure they’ll thank me in 20 years when their memory fails them. It’s the only thing I’d save in a fire (other than living things of course). A moment in time caught forever with a click, yours, absolute strangers, and mine. I love seeing what other people view as memorable.

Nowadays with everyone having a cell phone to easily snap pics, it’s nice to revisit a time when photos weren’t so disposable. When a pack of around 10 Polaroid photos cost $12, and you valued each and every picture taken that much more. Not to be taken, deleted, retaken, filtered, and THEN posted.

I recently came across a project from the late photographer Jamie Livingston. From 1979-1997 he shot a Polaroid nearly every day until he died at age 41, both tragic and brilliant. Some photos to be taken for what they are worth, others giving a glimpse into an interesting back-story you’ll never know. It’s funny the pictures during the 80’s don’t even look dated anymore. To be able to have captured one moment from every day for 18 years is…genius. I know it’s cliché but it really makes you appreciate every single day and the simple “one-click” joys that accompany them.

Jamie Livingston, Photo of the Day, 1

Jamie Livingston, Photo of the Day, 2

Jamie Livingston, Photo of the Day, 3

Jamie Livingston, Photo of the Day, 4

Jamie Livingston, Photo of the Day, 5

Jamie Livingston, Photo of the Day, 6

photos © Jamie Livingston via

information © Serena Matthews at Lost At E Minor


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